DenverGURPS is a social gaming club comprised of over 30 members located in the Denver Metro area of Colorado.

We run cooperative role playing games like GURPS, tactical miniature games like DBA and Battletech, adventure board games such as Arkham horror, and card games like Munchkin.

New players are always welcome to join any of our campaigns, and new GMs are encouraged to come to at least one session to meet the group before running a new campaign.

Join us at to RSVP for our next event.

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We're running 4 campaigns at Genghiscon 2010
Friday February 12th & Saturday February 13th, 2010

Elf6 - Modern Conspiracy Investigation
Kelly's Heroes - Battletech
IMPERIVM - Late Republic Rome
Prime Directive - StarTrek TOS era
MobWar in Aristor - Low level mafiosos in a homebrew setting
Castle Falkenstein - Victorian Era Steampunk

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